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Earn money on Facebook by registering your voice

You can now earn money on Facebook by registering your voice. Facebook is providing many ways to earn money. Just like Google company, who enabled many opportunities for users around the world to make money online.

You can also now earn money by registering your voice on Facebook. Recently, Facebook announced a new way for users to earn money by registering their voices through the Viewpoints application. It will be one of the best ways to earn profit from the Internet in 2020.

Facebook’s new program called “Pronunciations” in its Viewpoints market research app. The main reason behind this move is to improve the speech recognition technology. Facebook is recently developing speech recognition technology. Instead of spying on users, alternatively, they persuade users to allow them to record their voice in exchange for money.

How to earn money by recording audio?

There are some terms and conditions that everyone must follow to be eligible for this program. The terms are given below:

Users must have more than 75 friends

The user must be a citizen of the US and should be 18+ years old to be able to benefit from the program.

Eligible users have to record the phrase “Hey Portal” followed by the first name of a friend from the user’s friend list. Users will be able to do this with up to 10 friends and record each statement twice. Moreover, to complete one set of records users can get 200 points, and the minimum cashout will be at 1000 points, which will be $5.

Payment method

When a user reaches 1000 points they can withdraw cash with PayPal. It is worth the method of earning money from registering your voice on Facebook. Facebook is still testing, and available in the United States of America at the moment. But it will soon circulate to the rest of the world.

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