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Google announced new security features

Google trial new security features to reduce phishing attacks in Gmail. A new feature will allow you to add an avatar of the brand’s logo which will help the receiver to identify that the email is genuine.

Last year Google joined email technology companies developing Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). BIMI enables email inboxes like Gmail to display logos beside authenticated email. 

Google says authentication with BIMI will increase the confidence of recipients about the source of an email. On the other side, senders will be able to build brand trust. Besides BIMI google also use another technology DMARC which will validate ownership of its corporate logos. After validation of logos, it will securely transmit them to Google. 

Google announced new security features
Image: Google

After email authentication by BIMI and DMARC, Gmail will allow the user to display the logo in existing avatar slots.

The new feature will be tested with few senders with two Certification Authorities Entrust Datacard and DigiCert to validate logo ownership.

Google says it will improve the security of the overall ecosystem and they will encourage the organizations to use DMARC.  

Along with BIMI trials, Google also focuses on securely connecting people around the world. Google announced new security features for G suite

  • For secure meetings Google enhancing the security for Google meet. If an attendee emitted from meeting he cannot rejoin until the host re-invite him. If the user requests to rejoin the meeting multiple times and being denied, he will be blocked to send any further requests.
  • Google also extending the security of chat, if links are sent via chat they will be checked whether they are malicious or not. Users will be able to report and block Chat Rooms if they suspect any malicious activity.
  • G suite admin is also getting the right to control its suite services. They will be able to grant or block certain apps from accessing G suite data.

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