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Google Chrome will block ads that can harm your computer

Google is adding new feature google chrome that will block the ads that can harm your computer performance.

Chrome New feature will Boost the performance of ads

The new Google Chrome feature will boost the performance of your browser. It will target the ads that are slowing down your computer performance and violating the criteria of ads. The criteria for good ads are: the ads must not take over the main browser process for more than a minute.  Ads also can’t take over for more than a 30-second period. They should not consume more than 4 megabytes of the network’s bandwidth when loading. 

The majority of online ads will not be affected by this feature because ads are already designed according to criteria. But Google says that their goal is to target the 99.9% percentile of network and processor usage in ads. 

According to Google’s estimates approx .3% of all online ads will be blocked. But this minor amount of ads will have a significant impact. This .3 % of ads are responsible for the usage of more than a quarter of all processors and network bandwidth. 

In 2018, Google made similar moves, they made changes to Chrome which helped to block the deceptive and abusive ads. 

As we already know that Google Is the biggest source of revenue from ads and it’s a pretty good reason for Google to add this new feature to chrome. Chrome’s new feature is now blocking even more ads that will boost the performance of ads. 

About ten millions of Chrome users add Chrome extensions for ad-blocking because of ads that are harming their computer performance. These ad-blocking extensions prevent ads that make millions of lost impressions for ad units. 

Google says that if they target the worst ads offenders then it may encourage the chrome user to uninstall the ad blockers. Moreover, there is also a possibility that ad blocking extensions will become eliminated from the Google web store entirely. 

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