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How 5G will change the world and our lives?

5G network is a 5th generation wireless network after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. 5G will change the world and our lives dramatically because it will change the way people live and work.

It will become the fastest wireless technology ever created that is designed to connect everything virtually.

The first generation mobile network with brick-sized mobiles offers communication over analog technology. The second-generation mobile network came up with digital voice services which were slightly better than 1G. Then the third generation introduced the mobile internet, mobile computing, and escalation of mobile apps. Then 4G comes with the fastest cellular network that allows stream videos and audio and explosion of social media.  

It would seem impossible even if we think that we all have devices in our hands which connect the people less than 20 years ago.

Then how dramatically 5G will change the world and our lives?

5G network can make billions of new connections, where not only people but also things are connected: cars; medical devices; emergency service. However, it will impact almost every industry like autos, healthcare, manufacturing, emergency services, etc. It is specially designed for industries that can take advantage of cellular connectivity and scale upwards as the use of 5G expands.

But these changes in mobile communication cannot done overnight. It will require consequential efforts in research and development and the resources needed to support the efforts. Even 4G took nearly a decade and the challenges were tough.

Some of the major changes with 5G technology are:

Smart Cities

5G will allow cities to handle data from millions of devices and install low-power sensors that are long-lasting without the need for any replacement. It will increase the ability to manage traffic flow, public safety, power use, etc.  According to the report of Accenture Strategy in 2017, they predict that it could save cities $160 billion if they use 5G networks to manage traffic and power.

Industrial and Commercial Work

The broadest impact of 5G will be on industrial and commercial. For precision agriculture, soil sensors will implant in the soil which tells when and where to irrigate. To determine the usage of pesticide airborne cameras will attach to drones. For automated dangerous and repetitive jobs industries will rely on robots.

Self-Driving Cars

As stated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US that about 94% of traffic accidents are due to drivers’ faults. By removing the drivers from the car millions of lives could be safe every year.  

But self-driven cars should be fully autonomous and will be able to communicate with cars around them to avoid accidents and congestion. Self-driven cars should be able to communicate with sensors embedded in traffic lights, road signs for safety. All this scenario will be only possible if the network will have almost no latency rate which only 5G can offer.  


5G wireless networks will enable virtual doctor’s visits with low-latency, HD-quality. Wearable or implanted medical devices will allow you to detect early warning signs of heart attacks, strokes, or other life-threatening events. Telesurgery will also be possible by High-speed wireless networks, where surgeons in one hospital can control equipment of another hospital which can be hundreds of miles away. 

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