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How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Phone Battery

It is more difficult to replace your smartphone’s battery than to treat them right in the first place. Most smartphones don’t provide their users with access to their batteries like iPhones and Android phones from brands like Samsung. Moreover, official battery replacements can be expensive or inconvenient. Here are some tips to extend the lifespan of your phone battery. It is true that these options will not always work, but they will help you to maintain the battery life for a longer period. 

8 Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Phone Battery

If your phone battery is weak and you know when an important call takes place, turn off the phone until the time of the call comes and then turn it on again and receive the call. But your battery health is good, you can use these tips to prevent damage. 

Turn off Bluetooth and WI-Fi 

Bluetooth technology is used for transferring data from one phone to another phone, or in case you need to make your phone pair with any other device such as home theaters or audio devices. While Wi-Fi is used to connect to the internet. If you have an internet connection, the phone will search for different networks. As long as you keep Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on, it will consume the battery greatly. So if you do not need them, turn off them and only turn them on when needed.

Turn off the vibrator

Most people turn the phone on vibrate mode despite normal ringing. They don’t know that vibrating is one of the factors that make the phone battery expire in a fast time. Especially if you receive numerous calls during the day.

If you do not need the high volume of phone ringing, then you can reduce the sound of the phone to save the battery.  

You don’t need the flash while taking pictures

If you are taking a large number of pictures using your phone, do not use the flash. The flashlights consume a good amount of the battery. Even some smartphones turn off the flash permanently if the phone battery drops below 10%.

Reduce screen brightness

Like laptops, you can also conserve the phone’s battery by reducing the screen brightness. In most modern phones, there is an option that allows the screen to automatically adjust itself during strong or weak lighting.

Turn off applications that you are not using

Sometimes users run the applications and do not clear them from recent activities. Unfortunately, these applications run in the background without the user’s knowledge and consume the battery fast. When the number of applications increases, the battery consumption will increase dramatically. So do not forget to turn off the applications and games after using them.

Make the screen turn off faster

As we know, the low screen light makes the phone battery last longer. So how about if the screen is completely off when it is not in use? All smartphones give you the option to specify the required time before the screen turns itself off automatically. The shortest duration will be better for the battery of your phone.

Turn off alerts and auto-sync

Most of us run alerts and auto-sync a lot of programs that we don’t need! Which makes matters worse when you synchronize more than one email automatically. It increases battery consumption even more. So turn off alerts and auto-sync.  

Do not neglect updates

Do not neglect the updates, whether it is system update or application update and even more than one application. Try to do the update at the earliest opportunity. Some updates do their basic work, which helps to fix different problems in the system and improve the phone’s battery work and make it live for a longer period of time.

These were some simple tips to make your smartphone battery last longer. If you have any extra tips, share them in the comments below.

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