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PUBG MOBILE launches the EMEA League

After its impressive success in the first half, PUBG MOBILE launches the EMEA League “PUBG Mobile League for Europe, Middle East and Africa”. The best teams will select from all over Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The new league will include a prize pool of $100,000. As well as that will represent the top three teams in the region in the upcoming PUBG Mobile World Championship.

PUBG MOBILE launches the EMEA League

Europe, Middle East, and Africa League are scheduled in October 2020. While 32 teams engaging over a period of three weeks. The selection of participating teams will according to the best performance in “PUBG Mobile (PMCO)” for Fall 2020 as follows:

PUBG Mobile Cup Finals in:

  • Europe: the top 4 teams
  • The CIS: Top 5 teams
  • Turkey: Top 4 teams
  • Germany: the top 3 teams
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Top 5 teams
  • Iraq: The Top 5 Teams
  • The Middle East and Africa: the top 3 teams
  • Egypt: the top 3 teams

The tournament is divided into two stages. The first stage Europe, Middle East, and Africa League held in the first two weeks. Second stage European, Middle East, and Africa League Finals held in the third and final week of the season.

The 32 teams in the EMEA League stage divides into groups to compete against each other and collect as many points as possible, and after two weeks the top 16 teams will advance to the EMEA League Finals. It would be four matches a day, three days a week.

In finals, points will return to zero, with 16 teams competing to choose the three best teams that will subsequently qualify for the upcoming PUBG Mobile World Championship. In finals there will five matches per day over a four-day period. Europe, Middle East, and Africa League will replace the PMCO EMCO Regional Finals for Europe. The Middle East, and Africa and will collect prizes for both events, totaling $100,000.

Unprecedented prizes in the game PUBG Mobile Royal Pass

PUBG MOBILE will release an unprecedented wardrobe of stylish new suits and more in the highly anticipated Royal Pass Season 15: “Beyond ACE” starts today and players can earn eight entirely new suits to customize their characters in the world’s most popular mobile game via the App Store and Google Play.

Royal Pass Season 15 in the game PUBG Mobile offers a huge collection of unprecedented suits and weapons covers. In addition to new designs from the classic clothes in the game. By registering for the new season and passing various in-game challenges. However, players will have the opportunity to win themed rewards, including the first-ever chance to upgrade the uniforms of the original PUBG characters.

In addition to the season 15 collectible rewards, the game user’s interface and bonus pages will receive updates, bookmarks can move, and players can now browse for rewards that have been collected but not yet purchased. Moreover, players will now also able to purchase vouchers directly from the Voucher window, and RP points earned between seasons will be automatically transferred to regular point cards.

Various updates to the registration options in PUBG MOBILE are now available and include:

Additional registration prizes that can now be exchange for three 300UC coupons instead of one 900UC coupon.

Added new notifications to collect RP Points.

However, a video of RP Scoring is now available along with monthly rate details.  Royal Pass Season 15 arrived, after the launch of PUBG MOBILE New Era Version 1.0, which includes an updated Erangel map. Additional improvements in the gameplay experience, including improved visuals, a new user experience, 90fps capabilities, and more.

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