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Waze launches the lane guidance feature

Waze is finally launching a lane guidance feature which is one of the most useful features of maps. Google Maps and Apple maps already have lane guidance features. Now Google owned app Waze launches the lane guidance and the beta version of the lane guidance feature is out. The feature recommends on what lane you should be in when you enter and exit a freeway and it’s also useful when you navigate complicated intersections. 

Waze’s lane guidance feature will result in lessening road accident cases. Some drivers might forget to change lanes before intersecting the road which can cause severe road accidents. So this feature can reduce the chances of accidents due to improper or erratic lane changing.

Waze also declared that they are launching numerous other new features. Including trip suggestions that will show personalized trips information like places you have visited or recently driven to places, which may launch next month.

New Traffic Notification is another feature which will also roll out next month. New traffic notification will alert the user when traffic builds up in the way of your frequent destination, as well as one time planned trips.

Waze, another feature that will launch in the coming months is Amazon Music. By this feature, users will be able to access Amazon Music from Waze audio player.

Recently, Waze has also introduced a new feature which is to plan a drive from your computer to Phone. Planning the drive from your home computer will make your job easier. Now Waze launches the lane guidance feature which also helps the users to have safe and hassle-free drives. Waze is adding new features day by day which helps the users to experience the fast and hassle-free drives.

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