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Waze New Feature: Let you save your drive from computer to your phone

A mapping app called Waze owned by Google will now let you plan your drive in an easier way. Waze New Feature will let you save your drive from the computer to your phone.

The reason to add the ability is to make a planned drive from a computer and save it to the app which will give unified experience across platforms, which can make the trip planning easier.

How to plan a drive from the Web?

The procedure to get started with it is pretty simple. First, you need to login to the Waze app from your phone, and then open a browser on the desktop, open the Waze web in the browser, and by scanning a QR code with your Phone’s Camera. On the browser web, you can plan your drive where you want to go. After you set your drive location you will see a save button to save those directions. When you click on the save button, you will get a notification on your Phone from the Waze app.  Now you can tap the notification and get started with the directions on your phone. 

Google maps have already offered a similar feature for years, so it’s good to see this feature on Waze. Waze offers the feature to both Android and IOS to save directions from desktop to the phone.

Save and Sync your locations

In addition to that, Waze also has the ability to view your saved location from the web. You can easily select the saved locations when searching for the destination. It means you don’t need to manually type the addresses of your home or your favorite places if you have saved the locations in your Waze mobile app.

Waze app already helps millions of its users to check traffic conditions, construction block-ups, and other trouble spots. But planning a drive from the browser will make it even easier for the users.

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